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Valtteri Mulkahainen

🌍 Finland

Valtteri Mulkahainen is a wild life photographer, who has turned 60 this year. He was born close to St. Petersburg but currently lives in Finland. Valtteri works as a teacher in the gymnasium of the village of Sotkamo.

It is hard to believe, but photography for Valtteri is a hobby, as he says himself his favourite hobby, which he has been interested in for about 10 years. His especially likes to photograph small bears, as he says, thats is probably because he doesn’t have grandchildren yet.

In recent years, Valtteri won in these photo contests:

✦ 35AWARDS2017, in subsequent years he was constantly in the final of the 35 AWARDS.

✦ Victory in the DJ Memorial Photography Contest 2019

✦ Victory in two categories of COMEDY WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2018

✦ Victory in several stages of "North-a country without borders"

✦ Victory in Spain at the XI Certamen Internacional de Fotografía Fundación Asisa photo contest.

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