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Marina Abdullaeva

🌍 Greece

Marina Abdullaeva is an Athens based artist from Moscow. She graduated the Russian State University and received her Bachelors in Arts. During her education she created set design for such plays as “Evgeny Onegin”, “Small tragedies” and “Waiting”. The music show “The history of Babar” was her final exam work and it was presented in Mariinsky theatre in Saint- Petersburg.

Her artistic career didn't stop there, being passionate about stage design she created stage and costume design for the musical “Parisian Secrets”-  the world’s premiere on theatre stage. Marina collaborated as production designer with famous Russian musician Manizha, created sets for “Little Big” band and art film “Eden”.

She started creating digital art during first lockdown, the same year she moved to Greece. Now she continues to work and live there, enjoying the traditions, which she passes on to her digital art.

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