Customer Account
How can I change my password?


If you’ve forgot your password you need to go to the log in section (click here), enter the e-mail address you’ve used for the registration and restore your password from the e-mail sent to your address.

If you need any help in restoring your password, you can contact us here.

How can I create an account and why would I do that?


At the top right corner of your screen find the "Sign in/Register” button. In the "Register" section, enter your email address, your name and create your password, you can also add your date of birth.

Congrats! Your customer account has been created.

By creating an account on Moncreed, you’ll have some features and personalised services. You’ll be able to:

  • create Wishlists and follow the latest news about those artworks and artists.
  • get artwork recommendations based on your preferences
  • get personalised promotions
  • and much more...
How does my Wishlist work?


In order to add a work to your Wishlist click on the heart icon on the right side of the artworks page. To remove the item simply re-click on the small heart and the artwork will be deleted from your Wishlist.

Your Wishlist is a place where you can add all of the works, which interest you. By following those works, you will be able to know all the updates on the prices and promotions. By extending your Wishlist you allow our experts to send you personalised suggestions and recommendations.

How can I delete my account?


In order to close your account, please reach our customer support team here.
We will close your account for you, once the account is no longer available you will receive an e-mail confirming the closure of your account.

Placing an Order
How to place an order?


We are thrilled to know that you would like to support our artists and make a purchase. You can follow those steps to do so:

  1. When you find the item you like, choose the dimensions of it and the materials, this feature allows you to adjust the artwork to your needs. Note that every artwork has its own material recommendations which work best from our curation team perspective.
  2. Add the artwork you want to buy to the cart and proceed to check out.
  3. Fill out your personal information on the checkout page. On the same page you can redeem your vouchers. Note: if you already have your account at Moncreed, we recommend you to log in first, so that your billing and delivery addresses will be used automatically.
  4. On the same page choose the payment method and fill out the necessary information. Depending on the method you pick you might be redirected to confirm your payment, but don’t worry, all of the information on your order will be saved after you confirm your payment.
  5. Click on the button which says “place the order”. After that the order number will appear in your browser window and you will receive the email notification confirming your purchase.
Where do you deliver to and can I track my order?


We deliver our artworks worldwide.

You can have your order delivered to your home or your workspace, the only important thing is that you have to be present at the delivery location to receive the order.

We use multiple post companies to deliver your order, most of them provide the tracking number, which we pass on to you. Please note that if postal tracking is a must to you, you should let us know before your order has been shipped.

How are prices set?


We put a lot of thought into setting the prices for our works. The prices are defined by us and by the artists and depend on the size, medium, method of production, quality and many other criteria.

How do I purchase a gift card?


If you want to make an art present but don’t know exactly what to choose, our Moncreed gift card will be useful.

You can find it at the “Gift Card” section on our home page or in the footer. After you are sent to the “Gift Card” page you can enter the amount you want to gift someone and then proceed to the check out page.

The Gift Card will be sent to your e-mail address and we will also send you a physical copy of it to your delivery address. Note that if the purchase is lower than your Gift Card credit, you can use the left amount on the Card for your next purchase.

What form of payment can I use?


You can choose one of the following payment methods: Credit Card Payment (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal payments, bank transfers and Sofort payment from your bank. If you decide to use a bank transfer as you payment, note that the order will only go through after your transfer has been confirmed. The order will stay open for 14 days, after that it will be automatically sent to cancelled orders.

How do I find out the shipment costs?


Shipping costs are specified at the checkout page after you have selected the delivery address. The costs are calculated according to the size and the weight of an artwork, as well as the shipping destination.

How do I redeem a gift card?


You can redeem a Moncreed Gift Card at the checkout. At the checkout enter your Gift Card number, the gift card amount will be subtracted from your total sum. Remaining balance on your order can be paid either by Credit Card, by PayPal or via Sofort function.

Order in Progress
What is the order process?


In the case if your item is in stock and we have received your payment, your order will be shipped immediately. If the print needs to be produced, then the first step of your order will be production and then shipment. These are the steps for the photographs, graphics and illustrations.

For painting and sculptures there is no production process, your ordered artwork will be packed and shipped after the payment.

Can I change my address or shipping method once I have placed an order?


Once the order has been placed, you can no longer modify it. However, if you contact our customer support team they will be able to modify your order if it has not been shipped yet. Find our contact details here.

I paid for my order via bank transfer but in my customer account the payment is indicated as ‘pending’?


Normally it takes up to 2-4 business days for the funds to be sent and received through bank transfers. That is why until we receive your bank transfer, the status of your order will be “pending”. You should not worry, if you decide to pay via your bank, the artwork will be reserved after you for the next 14 days. If you need more time, you can contact us and we will extend the reservation time.

When the bank transfer is received, your order status will be automatically switched to either “in production” or “shipped”, this will be shown in your customer account and thought the e-mail notification which we will send out.

How long does delivery take?


The delivery depends on your country of residence and the country from which the artwork is shipped. All of the printed artworks are shipped from Germany, the painting and the sculptures are shipped from the residence country of the artist. As soon as the order has been shipped you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the tracking details; on the page of the courier you will be able to learn about the expected delivery date.

How do I track my package?


Once the status of your order has been switched to “shipped” you will receive an e-mail with the tracking information of your order.

Can I choose an Express Delivery?


Yes, that is also possible! Please place your order and then contact us with an order number. Keep in mind that the costs for the Express Delivery can be higher and depend on the weight of the item and destination.

Order Received
How do I get an invoice for my order?


In your account you can find all the information about your order, there you can also download your invoice. Log in to your account, go to the “Orders” page and there you will find every invoice of the orders you have made.

How do I get my certificate of authenticity?


The certificate of authenticity will be shipped to your address together with your order.

Who should I contact if my work arrived damaged / broken?


Even though we take all precautions to wrap and send your work, it could happen that in the shipment process the work got damaged or scratched. We will be happy to replace your purchase, reach out to us here within the first 14 days after receiving your order, and we will replace your artwork with a new one.

Returns and Refunds
I no longer want the artwork, how do I return it?


You can always return your order within 14 days after receiving it. In that case, you need to notify us and return your order per post to the address that we will provide you with. The price of an artwork will be reimbursed by us as soon as we receive the artwork. The artwork must be returned in the perfect conditions, use the original packaging or an equivalent one to ship the artwork back and avoid the damages during the shipment.

I want to cancel my order before it’s shipped


You can cancel the order before your item has been shipped. To cancel the order before the shipment please notify us here .

How is a refund made?


The refund is made to the account which was used to make the purchase. Once the order is refunded by us you receive an e-mail confirming that, please note that for different payment systems the different transfer time is applied.

Who is responsible for the returns costs?


The return costs are managed by Moncreed only if the artwork has been safely returned to the designated address with no damages. In the case if it is not returned safely we cannot proceed with the refund.

The artwork must be returned in perfect condition and in its original packaging (or equivalent).

For the Artists
How can I sell my work at Moncreed?


How exciting!

Please check out our “Join Us” section to find out how we work and send us a little info about you and your work/portfolio link.

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