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Denis Budkov

🌍 Russia

Denis Budkov was born and lived in the most amazing part of Russia - Kamchatka. His love for nature and desire to show all its beauty became the driving force for learning the basics of photography and perfecting the skills in practice. 

All of his photos are devoted to the unique nature of Kamchatka. This is an amazing place, where you can climb a volcano and feel the breath of earth, go down the mountain rivers to the Pacific Ocean and be the first in Russia to meet the sunrise. You can see a brown bear catching salmon that is on its way to spawn, and then eat juicy berries on the same field as the bears. There is also an opportunity to plunge into the embrace of a hot river despite a 20-degree frost.

Denis Budkov have repeatedly won and been a finalist in various photo contests such as:

✦ NHM "Wildlife photographer of the year"

✦ GDT "Wildlife photographer of the year"

✦ "Montphoto"

✦ "HIPA"

✦ NatGeo Russia "Wildlife of Russia"

✦ "Golden Turtle"

✦ "Best of Russia"

✦ RGO "Most beautiful country"

✦ "35awards"

✦ "Asferico"

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