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Creators Berlin is a collaboration between Joseph Marr (Australia) and Sansara Van (Mongolia).  They are based in Berlin to make stunning street art sculptures.

Sansara Van came to Germany in 2003 and moved to Berlin in 2009 from Mongolia, a whole other world compared to Europe. Sansara is an Artist employed by the five Opera houses in Berlin to make the set scenic painting and design sometimes painting images up to 20 Meters long.  Sansara’s latest work are the metallic Nymph’s.

Joseph Marr moved to Berlin in 2007 from Sydney and felt immediately at home in Berlin. Josephs solo Artist work can be found in several major art collections worldwide, including a 9 meter long sugar sculpture in Berghain. “I’ve recently learnt the value of collaboration with the street artist Okuda san Miguel in Madrid and therefore have launched Creators Berlin with Sansara Van” says Marr.

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