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Andrey Gudkov

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Andrey Gudkov is a wildlife photographer, journalist and traveler. Permanent photographer of National Geographic magazine (Russia). Member of the European Union of Naturalist Photographers (GDT), Union of Journalists of Russia and the Russian Geographical Society.

"I never had doubts on which genre to work in," says A. Gudkov. I understood that wildlife photography is the genre of photography in which I always wanted to work. My textbooks were photo albums of word-famous wildlife - Steve Bloom, Franz Lanting, Michael Nikolos, Nick Brandt, Steve Winter, Michael Poliza and others.

Their works inspired, taught, gave a kind of nutritional environment for creativity, acted as critics. Gradually, step by step, by trial and error, I developed my own style. At the beginning of this journey, everything seemed simple and understandable. However the more I was photographing,  the more I came to realize how difficult this genre was and how endless is  the field for creativity here.

Over the past few years, I have visited many hard-to-reach corners of the world, where nature has still preserved its original beauty, which, so far, has not been touched by ubiquitous technological progress and globalization. The world around us is changing very quickly and, sometimes, irreversibly. For me, it is very important that as many people as possible would be able to see these photos to understand that nature is very fragile, vulnerable and variable. In my opinion, the task of a wildlife photographer is to try to capture and show people the disappearing, rare beauty and variety of life forms that modern humanity will still be able to find. "


✦ Finalist of Wildlife Photography of the Year (London, UK, 2015) in the category “Amphibians and Reptiles”,

✦ Permanent finalist and laureate of the international photo contest of natural photography "Golden Turtle" (Russia) of 2006-2010

✦ Prize winner at the all-Russian Festival of Advertising Photography in 2006, prize winner at the Travel Photography Festival in 2009 and Winner of the Travel Photography Festival in 2010 and 2011 in the “Animals” category. Winner of the Grand-Prix of Travel Photography Festival in 2011. 

✦ The winner of the Best photograph 2007 in the National Geographic Russia magazine in 2007 and 2014  according to international publishing house Independent Media. 

✦ One of the "Top 10" best scientific photographs according to the results of 2015 according to the journal "Nature" (UK).

✦ “Photo of the Year" in a selection for 2018 according to CNN

✦ Photos of Andrey Gudkov were used as illustrations in the "Guiness Book of Records" in 2016.

✦ “Highly Honored Winner,” from the jury at the Nature’s Best Photography Windlland Smith Rice International Awards (USA, 2011)

✦ Jury’s Special Mention at FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) at the 5th International Contest of Digital Photography Narava (Slovenia, 2012);  Jury’s Special Mention at the Competition of Nature Photography Glanzlichter Contest (Germany, 2012); 

✦ Gold Medal from the Queen's Photographic Society of Great Britain (2012); Wageningen CCW medal (The Netherlands, 2012); Jury’s Special Mention at the Holland Circuit (8th Image Salon Delft, 2012);

✦ Gold medal (“Best of Show”) from the PSA (Photographic Society of America) at the AC-Foto German Mega Circuit International competition (Germany, 2012). Special medal "GMC Medal" at the international competition "AC-FOTO German mega circuit" in Germany in 2015.

✦ Jury’s Honorable Mention at the international contest Black & White Spider Awards (USA) in 2013, 2014, 2018 and 2020.  

✦ Special jury mark at the IPA (The International Photography Awards) photo contest in 2015.

✦ Gold medal in the category "African Wildlife" at one of the largest international competition Trierenberg Super Circuit in 2014 and in 2015 in Austria, also bronze medal in the category Colour Slides Nature in 2021.

✦ Jury’s Special Mark (PSA HM Ribbon) at Middle East Grand Circuit (Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, 2014); 

✦ PSA Ribbon at Khayyam International Exhibition of Photography (Iran, 2014). 

✦ Gold Medal UAP at Photo Club Arizona (Serbia, 2015)

✦ Gold Medal PSA, medal and Purple Ribbon IUP, Bronze medal FIAP at Photo Travel Salon 2015 contest

✦ A special jury mark at the 2016 Siena International Photo Awards in Italy.

✦ Special Medal “Judges Choice Medal” at the Second International Bawsinternational Salon(India, 2015) at the category “Nature”.

✦ Founder and head of a special project for naturalist photographers and filmmakers "wildanimalssafari.com" Wildanimalssafari is a company that organises photos and videos of wildlife and animals around the world of any complexity for professionals and lovers.

✦ The author of the photo album "Neighbours of the Planet. Disappearing World, "released in 2013 (in Russian and English).

Photos, reports, articles and interviews of Andrey Gudkov were published in many Russian and international  media. To name a few, National Geographic (Russia),  National Geographic (France), Wildlife Magazine, The Guardian, The Times, The Sun, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, La Semaine Africainen, Le Nouvel Observateaur D'Afriqus, L'Observateur, Vokrug Sveta, Continental Expedition, Kommersant-Dengi, Photo & Video, Digital Camera, Digital Photo, PoyTravel,  Voyage, "Puteshtvia Po Svetu, Otdykh in Russia,  Sovereign Resource Management, Bear, XXL, High Flight,  Student Meridian,  newspaper Trud, Radio station Mayak, Echo Moskvy, Voice of Russia, television company RTR-2 and Stolitsa. 

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