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Our Mission

Moncreed is an online gallery which aims to democratise photography, graphics, illustrations, paintings and reduce the gap between the artists and the public. Moncreed presents you with variety of genres, most of our prints can be produced in different sizes and every artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Moncreed promotes talented artists of today through online galleries as well as temporary display rooms and creates a possibility for them to share their pieces with a wider crowd. Together we offer only unique artworks at prices which are fair for both the artists and art lovers.

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Contemporary Art at Moncreed

We present you with a selection of works from contemporary artists all over the world. You can shop the artwork online, you can also select the sizes according to your preferences and we will ensure safe shipment. We use reliable methods to encrypt the payment and provide a safe framework for transactions. Every piece of art work is shipped with a certificate of authenticity. Moncreed is a platform where you can seamlessly find, customize and purchases artworks without leaving the comfort of your house. Surround yourself with real and unique artworks.

Moncreed finds original selection

You will only find originals and high quality reproductions here. We believe that you should surround yourself with a quality art, regardless if it is your office or your home, your space should look great with real art on your walls. We offer works at fair prices, which you can order online and have delivered to your door. Our family of artists is selected very carefully taking into considerations the quality of the work, the messages behind them and the originality of the piece.

Find your artists at Moncreed

We make it our goal to promote talented and emerging artists. We aim to unite artists and the people in order to appreciate art together. Our artists come from art academies and art schools, some of them are self-taught talents. They produce paintings, photographs, graphics, illustrations and other quality works of art. We always keep our eyes open for talented people, if you are a creative and want to join our platform, please contact us. We will help you promote your work and ensure a fair price for the artist and the art lovers.

Variety of materials at Moncreed

When buying a photograph online at Moncreed, you can choose from four different materials:  PhotoPaper, Acrylglass, Cardboard and AluDibond®. You can pick eco-friendly passepartouts for your prints on paper. For our heavier materials, which offer your artwork a gallery quality look, we provide hangers free of charge. We offer high quality art and use ecological friendly packaging for our shipment process.

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